Setup Support for HP Wireless Printer

Configuration Support for HP Wireless Printer Setup

HP is one of the leading companies living in the prime market. As we all know about their products, HP does not need an introduction. HP, including printers, laptops, computers, tablets, is leading in every share. HP’s best selling commodity is the most appealing and high-user printers.

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Whenever HP joins the market with a new launch, a new technology with many high technological characteristics is offered. Nowadays, when anything comes wireless, wireless printers are more in the drift. HP has launched its HP wireless printers as well.

Not everybody considers HP Printer to be easy to work with, so HP Wireless Printer Setup Support might be a great help for you.

It can be extremely useful to print wirelessly. The majority of the latest featured printers will connect to your wireless network directly. This will allow you to print from any PC on your network to the printer. You can also print from your Android or iOS computer to your wireless printer, but this normally takes a little more setup.

In this section, we will clarify how to set up your HP wireless printer, so you can easily install your wireless printer if you follow these steps accordingly.

  • First of all, connect the power wire into the cord and plug the printer into it.
  • Installing the printer cartridge.
  • After that, collect the name of the network (Service Set Identifier), the password of the network and the PC connected to your wireless router.
  • Internet facilities should be available for downloading software, using online services, and receiving printer updates.
  • Check that your router and computer are turned on and make sure your computer is connected to the router that you are connecting your printer to.
  • Switch on the printer and holding it close to the installation of the computer and router.
  • Open the printer control panel and turn the wireless icon on.
  • Select the wireless configuration button and connect to the wireless network.
  • Download the complete version of the printer programme afterwards. The wireless print drivers are applications,
  • HP Printer Assistant scanning programme and other control functions for the printer.
  • Printer Assistant for HP
  • Now, double-click the software and install the complete version of the file.
  • Open the control panel for Windows users, pick Devices and Printers, then press Add to Printer, select your printer and update programme.
  • Click on the menu for MAC users, then select Device Preferences, click the Printer & Scan icon, click the Add (+) button at the bottom of the Printer list, select your printer and install it.
  • You can mount the HP Wireless Printer easily and make it useful by following these steps.


If you are unable to install or face some form of problem, you can contact us with a better and easy solution from HP, Our Tech Guides.

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