Is HP Support Assistant free?

Is HP Support Assistant free

Yes, HP Support Assistant is completely free and comes installed in HP devices. If you need to download it, is available online for free download.HP Support Assistantoften shows errors when your upgrade your windows. You can reinstall it or try to restart the application on your device.

What is HP Support Assistant?

It is software for HP device users which enable them to resolve issues without any outside consultation. It helps the users fix printers and other HP devices issues regarding their functioning and acts as a barrier for entry of outside unwanted issues.

HP Support Assistant optimizes your device and using various tools it will diagnose each and every issue of your device. It provides the HP contact information too which helps you explain your issues to the HP experts who will resolve your problems in more technical and precise manner.

This tool notifies you of an upcoming update and keeps your device updated. It also provides HP customers a service which is cost-effective and gives you answers regarding your issues on time.

If you see a “!” mark on your HP Support Assistant, it shows that your application needs attention because it has some updates or new messages.

How to download HP Support Assistant?

HP Support Assistant can be downloaded from HP Support Assistant link on . You can simply download the tool and then run it from your device.

What if HP Support Assistant stops working?

The problem can be solved by you also but might take more time than usual to resolve or you can email, contact us on HP Support to and our team will help you solve your issues.

HP Support Assistant garbage errorscan be taken care of if you try to restart your launching process in your device through other methods.

You can try reinstall HP Support Assistantif the application is not working. You can simply run the downloaded file and after you open it click on “Yes”. Restart the device to check the proper functioning of the application on your device.

You canuninstall the software by pressing “Windows Key+R” and enter “Control” in the prompt window and press enter. From “Programs” picks “HP Help Assistant” and uninstall it.

You canmanually update the driverbut you’ll will need to download the drivers from the official website according to your printer which is compatible with the driver version.

You candisable the software from the antivirusbut after you upgrade your antivirus, many times your HP Support Assistant will stop working. You’ll have to keep it disable for some time and then attempt to see if the firewall allows it’s functioning after the thorough checking.

How to fix printer issues using HP Support Assistant?

HP Support Assistant plays an important role in fixing the problems related to your printers. To fix issues regarding scanning, fax, printing and command, HP Support Assistant can assist you with more steps and utility tools in detail to resolve the error. If the error persists try to restart your device or download the latest version of the application.

HP Support Assistant is an important application for keeping your device healthy and up to date so it is not recommended to delete the application since you’ll need the recent updates for the proper functioning of the device.