HP Support Assistant is not Working, How to Operate it?

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HP Support Assistant is not Working, How to Operate it?

It is a typical example that the HP Support Assistant stops functioning when you upgrade windows. There's nothing to worry about, though, as we're here to help you repair it without any technical expertise, too. There are a variety of ways in which you can solve the non-working problem of HP Support Assistant that we will address in depth. In this way, you can grasp it in a much clearer way and address the issue on your own.
You may either try to fix the problem on your own or turn to the HP support group for their urgent assistance in this crucial situation. You may use the printer support phone, email, or live chat to communicate with the HP Printer Support team. But it could take time for this solution. However, with a proper understanding of the problem, you can easily fix the problem quickly. So, let 's start with what is causing HP Printer Printing Garbage to occur.
Methods to Resolve HP Help Assistant Problem Not Working
If you don't know why HP Support Assistant doesn't work when you try to perform some printer-related operation, follow the solution to launch HP Support Assistant:

Method 1: HP Help Assistant reinstalled

If your new HP Support Assistant stops running, you should try installing the latest update to repair it. This doesn’t mean that the current version needs to be scrapped.
Run the file once it has been downloaded and click on ‘Yes’ to confirm and finish the installation process. Restart the machine to see whether or not the HP Help Assistant is working again. If that’s not the case, you can try other ways.

Method 2: Uninstall the Software from installation

You should uninstall the HP Help Assistant and then instal it again if the above approach does not work for you. To do it, use these steps:
Click the Windows key and ‘R’ together on your keyboard.
Please enter ‘control’ and click on ‘ok’
Go to ‘Programs’ and then choose ‘Programs and Features’ when the control panel opens.
Pick HP Help Assistant from the list of apps installed,
You have to uninstall it, so follow the directions on the computer to do that.
If the uninstallation is complete, close the Control Panel window.
Check for C:Program Files (X86)Hewlett Packard in File Explorer
Please find the HP Help Application folder and remove it.
Download the installer file for HP Support Assistant and then see whether it works or not.
Launch it and then browse for the most recent updates. Wait until the updates are downloaded and then restart your machine to see whether or not you have got rid of the HP Help Assistant.

Method 3: Manually update drivers

You can upgrade the current version of the official website if you have any obsolete components on your laptop / desktop.
Visit the product page of HP Care and enter your HP Laptop information for which you would like to download the updates.
Go through the list of available updates and you will be able to instal them step by step.
If you come across an HP Help Assistant update, you will need to download and instal it.
For the effects to take place, you should also download the drivers and then restart your computer.

Method 4: Disable the software for the antivirus

At times, after an upgrade, the antivirus programme does not make the HP Support Assistant operate. Therefore, you can disable it for a while and then attempt to use it to see whether or not the antivirus caused the problem.
Final HP Service Assistant start-up instructions
If nothing works for you, then feel free to contact HP support and then experts can help you solve not only the problem of HP Support Assistant not working, but also any other problem.

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