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How can the WPS PIN on my HP printer be found?

You should know what a WPS pin is before you try to figure out where the WPS pin on the HP Printer is located. The acronym stands for “Wi-Fi Safe Set-up” in technical terms. In order to create a safe and secure connection between a router and wireless printers, the application is used. You can find it on the HP Printer easily.

The technology was developed to allow users from every corner of the globe to print documents. The WPS includes features such as wireless printing with the aid of a single WPS pin code at any time. To do the printing job easily, this pin is used to connect your computer either through a wired or wireless network. You can get the aid of the HP Printer Assistant if you are unable to do it on your own.

Where is my HP Printer located with the WPS pin?

If you are puzzled by the above issue and you are unable to locate the WPS pin on the HP Printer, then you can try searching for it on the router. You will have it printed on the bottom or on its side. You can use it to connect your printer to any computer once you locate it.

Prompt appears on your screen asking for you to enter the WPS Pin if you try to connect your printer. The password that appears on your screen when connecting your printer with WPS is time-sensitive. For most HP Printer models, it will only remain displayed for around a minute or so. You can use HP Print and Scan Doctor to get help with WPS with the HP Printer.

How do you connect the WPS Pin to your HP Printer?

To perform the task of connecting your HP Printer with the WPS Pin, follow the steps below:

  • Go to your HP Printer’s control panel. You may decide to press “Settings button” under “Wireless button”
  • Next, the WPS must be reached and the instructions that follow must be completed.
  • Here, with the “PIN” option that you must touch, you will be prompted.
  • The WPS Pin will be shown on your computer when you do so.

After this, enter the pin in the space given you can easily install and attach your HP printer driver once the setup is done and start your printing work.

HP Number for more support

You can request HP Help at any time for more specifics about the WPS pin or how to find it. You will find all the details about your questions relevant to your HP Printer here. To support you with the best possible solutions for any problem on the HP units, the technicians are available 24 * 7. You just have to visit the official support page or dial the number of the helpline available on the website itself.

Questions Also Asked

What’s the WPS on your printer?

The WPS on a printer is a very basic and fast way for printers to be linked to a Wi-Fi network or access point. Typically, you only have to push the WPS printer button on the printer when operating with it, and then the router will take no more than 2 minutes to connect the two machines.

On my HP Deskjet 3630 printer, where is the WPS PIN?

You must go to the “Control Panel” on your HP Printer to locate the WPS pin, and then go to the “Settings” option. Follow the instructions on-screen until you tap on the Wi-Fi setup. Now, you need to enter the pin and tap on that. This will show you on-screen with the WPS pin.

How do I use a WPS PIN to connect to Wi-Fi?

You need to have a router that supports the WPS button feature to communicate with the WPS pin. All you need to do is visit the Router Configuration page and go to “Setup”. Go to the WPS menu and then turn on the WI-Fi for your phone and go to the advanced settings and check for the option to enter the WPS Pin. Tap and follow the on-screen prompts on the WPS pin.

Do all routers have a button for WPS?

No, there is no WPS button on all routers. You can see that the WPS button is either on the back of your Linksys computer or on the front panel. There might not be a WPS feature on some wireless routers. For this, for the detailed features of your Wi-Fi router, you need to link to your product documentation.

How many digits is a PIN with a WPS?

There are only 8 digits on the WPS pin. The WPS only allows a user to enter this 8-digit PIN on a client computer that has access points checked. If the AP accepts the PIN, it sends the WPA PSK and then the client computer will connect to the network.

Where on an HP printer is the WIFI password?

If you’re searching for Wi-Fi passwords, you just need to right-click your Wi-Fi network name and tap the “Status” button. Tap on the ‘Wireless Properties’ option after this. To display the Wi-Fi password, tap the ‘Safety’ button and select the ‘Show Characters’ box.

Will my light be on for WPS?

In case if the WPS light is ON or OFF, there is no need to worry about. Do not say that it does not work if the WPS is off. When it is linked to some other network or computer, the WPS lights up. And the light goes off before you use WPS to attach to some other device.

Where is my phone’s WPS button?

You must use the given remote control to locate and use the WPS button on your Android phones, then press the “Home” option and then tap on the “Settings” option. Go to the Network Computer screen, then tap the Wi-Fi button. Select the “Link” option and press the router’s WPS button.

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