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How to get the Wireless Printer to remember the Mac

Mac OS X Mountain Lion automatically downloads and installs drivers detected on the device for new printers. Using a wireless printer on the network of your organisation makes it less costly to connect all of your machines to the same printer, because for each device you do not have to buy printer cables and costly networking hardware. Employees can send print jobs directly to the printer without the need for a wired physical connection. If your wireless printer has been properly installed, you can connect your printer using OS X’s built-in Print & Scan feature. HP Printer Support for MAC is one of the most valued in HP house.

Printers with Macs & PCs that operate

Not only did Macintosh and Windows PCs use various operating systems and processors in the early days of desktop computers, but their means of communicating printers varied greatly, using incompatible interfaces such as parallel, AppleTalk and SCSI. Most of that has changed today, with standard interfaces being shared by Macs and PCs. And if your workers disagree about the operating systems they prefer, your office will share printers. HP Printer Support for MAC is available from HP for all printers or devices which are in warranty.


On all modern Macs and PCs, inexpensive inkjet printers also use the USB interface that is available. Most are compatible with both operating systems, but you can check the

packaging of the printer, which usually specifies its compatibility, to be certain. Although most USB printers are not meant to be networked, print sharing features are available for both Windows and Mac OS. You can also connect to your network a print server.

However, working with a print server may be more troublesome than buying a network-ready printer, particularly in a dual-platform environment. HP Printer Support for MAC is available for USB as well at no cost, if in warranty.

With Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is being used by an increasing number of printers to communicate, which might be most useful for a small, but shared, office. Wi-Fi also allows the printer to be located anywhere without the need to string USB or Ethernet cables to the device.

For their initial setup, some wireless printers need a USB link, but many feature a small LCD screen that allows you to enter your network information. HP Printer Support for MAC for Wi-Fi is as simple as 1-2-3


Ethernet is mainly available in higher quality devices such as high-end laser printers for a reliable hardwired link to a network router, although there are stillseveral Ethernet-equipped inkjets available. A top-of-the line printer with Ethernet access is your best choice when print speed is a priority.

Of course, to see those speed gains, the office’s computers can also connect using Ethernet. Although most Macs and PCs have Ethernet ports, an Ethernet adapter card may be needed for certain Windows machines, and MacBook Air models may need a Thunderbolt-to-Ethernet adapter.

Selecting a Printer

If you want a budget inkjet printer, a multifunction computer with scanning and copying capability or a large format color laser printer, most of today’s models can allow printing from both Macs and PCs.

Look for the type of printer you like, and both platforms can find models that are compatible with them. If your new printer does not have drivers for your chosen operating system, via the Mac Software Update app and Windows Update, both Apple and Microsoft maintain a range of standard print drivers.

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