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HP Printer Not Activated Error Code 20

The printer tells you, by numeric or alphanumeric codes, about errors. For HP or any other printer model, the same goes. One such problem is when your HP says that error code 20 has not been triggered by the printer. Typically, it occurs when the user has upgraded to the new version of Windows or when using the QuickBooks Programme.
HP printer error code 20 occurs if your printer is not calibrated correctly. Often, when you try to print a document, image, or spreadsheet on your screen, and then you want to print certain documents via your HP printer, you can see an error message printer that does not trigger error code-20. The reasons and practical troubleshooting steps for fixing error code 20 in your printer are covered in this guide.

What causes your HP printer to receive error code 20?

For many reasons, the printer is not enabled, and error code-20 occurs, and a few of them are listed below.
You are not using the default printing device or you have not set the default device for your HP printer.
There is a corrupt or missing printer driver.
Registry problems that cause an error on your device 20.
Errors related to the device manager on your machine.
How to erase printer error code 20 that has not been activated?
First, to address this problem, you will have to re-verify that you have set up your printer correctly. Also, make sure that your PC does not have any corrupted or compromised settings. You can print a test page to check all these points, and once your printer has delivered the page, continue with the steps below.

Phase 1 : Make a default printing device for your printer

Any time you connect a new printer to your machine, you should always take that measure. The steps below will help you set your printer as the default one.
Second, click on the start button.
Choose your printer and fax now
Locate your HP printer now; if you see a checkmark next to it, it indicates that the printer is the default one.
If the mark is missing, right-click your HP printer, and from the drop-down list, pick Set as Default Printer.
Print the test page after completing the steps to check the settings.
Now, after the test page has been delivered, open the word file or spreadsheet and print the document to verify the actual case scenario.
Head over to the state if you still face error code 20 that is not enabled by the printer.
Phase 2: Open and reinstall the USB Composite System Manager
You need to open the System Manager window here, and to do so, press the Windows + R keys to open the Run dialogue box.

Type msc now and press enter.
The system manager window opens; double-click the Universal Serial Bus Controllers button here.
You need to right-click the composite USB unit, click Uninstall, and then click OK.
Next, the USB cable should be removed from the device and reconnected.
You must follow the instructions in the New Hardware Wizard section to start downloading the drivers.
When you’ve done this, open the section for printers and faxes and go to the folder for printers.
Click the HP printer now, and then hit the print test button to get the button for the self-test.
You can now restart your PC with the printing feature to save the changes and bring them over.

Stage 3: Run the Troubleshooter for Printers

Click and type troubleshooting in the search bar and press enter.
A new window will open; press the Display All button here.
Under the Troubleshoot issues section of the machine, press Printer.
You can now begin to obey the on-screen instructions and start troubleshooting the printer.
To delete the error, restart your machine after completing the steps.

Phase 4: Clean the registry for Windows

A corrupt or corrupted register is another reason that causes the printer to not trigger error code 20 in your printer. It is a database that holds the critical settings and files for your computers within the windows. It reads registry settings when you use the programme, but corrupted or incomplete registries allow Windows to read them. You can patch the registry through the following steps.
Open the Run dialogue box and click Enter (press Windows + R keys).
Type Regedit now, then click OK.
Click here to extend HKEY CURRENT CONFIG, right-click the programme, and pick permissions. Now the registry editor opens.
A new window that states programme permissions opens again.
You have to make sure that administrators and users have complete control here, or else you should check the Administrators and Users Activate box.
To save the settings, press Add and press OK.
Restart your machine now to remove the problem.

Phase 5: Are you facing an unactivated printer error code-20 in QuickBooks? Install it again

You should reinstall it using the following steps if you face the issue, particularly while working with the QuickBooks application.

Right-click the Start icon, and from the list, pick Run.
When the Run dialogue box opens, type cpl, and then press OK.
Locate the QuickBooks application from the list, click it, and click the Uninstall button.
Visit the Official QuickBooks website now and download the installer file.
Now, navigate to your computer’s file explorer and double-click the download button.
Find the installer file for QuickBooks and double-click it to begin installing the application.
Restart your PC after completing the process and try printing the test page via the QuickBooks programme.
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You may use these measures to repair the printer error code 20 that has not been triggered.

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