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These service solutions would minimize your downtime and guarantee your peace of mind if your HP printer is no longer protected by the regular warranty. Contact HP Printer Customer Service.

  • HP Business Trade Next Day
  • HP Repair or Replacement 1-time
  • Professional Phone Support for HP

Call 866-234-1377 (option 2) for transactions now, or click here for information.

The award-winning service and assistance from HP Printer Customer Service are here for you long after the coverage of your goods expires. Get help on which you can count:

  • For quick access to helpful updates and information, please visit our easy-to-use Support & Troubleshooting and Software & Driver download pages.
  • Connect with HP users just like you at the HP Customer Support Forums and share advice and support.
  • Receive your HP product 24/7 online service at HP Customer Care or HP Support

Call 800-474-6836 for HP Printer Customer Service for your HP product questions and 800-652-6672 for your Compaq product questions, and your out-of-warranty service choices will be explained by an HP representative.

Get fast, helpful information at the HP Technology Center on PC protection, wireless networking, battery health, tuning up your PC and more.

Upgrade to a new HP product at shopping.hp.com and receive support at hp.com/go/recycle to recycle the existing one.

With HP’s Automated Product Detection app, press, detect, and solve

HP’s Automated Product Identification tool automatically reads and directs you to suitable drivers and troubleshooting techniques for your HP or Compaq linked or networked PCs, printers, etc. It makes it so easy to manage and safeguard your HP and Compaq goods, and only HP Printer Customer Service has it.