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The all-new HP LaserJet series of colour printers are what laser printers were meant to be. these printers of you the bright and crisp graphics and text of laser printers and evenly distributed in along with colour painting functionality. Now you will no longer need to have empty pockets purchasing a laser color printer. At very affordable prices you can get the legendary HP quality that you all have come to love along with no compromise in printing quality.

Sharp text, bold blacks and crisp graphics are consistently created by these printers. They are designed to offer consistent toner particle positioning to support perform at its best. You can be sure that your printer will never be high and dry for your use with a mix of modern toner replacement techniques and inexpensive and reliable HP laser toners. The HP Laser printer series will take one 'black and white' toner at one time. Cheap and durable replacement cartridges can be easily found online at the HP shop. The HP Laser Printer series provides a 10,000-page duty cycle every month. The duty cycle is specified as the maximum number of image output pages per month. Recommended 100-1500 pages monthly page volume or RMPV is sufficient to meet the demands of linked individuals and groups everywhere. They offer a standard 600 x 600 dpi black print quality and at best, a 1200 x 1200 dpi black print quality.

HP Laser Color Printer

A major concern of the yore printers was they were too large to match any significant location. Well, now, the HP laser printer series is built to suit any room. With printers measuring 33 cm in length and 22 cm in height, it's lightweight and compact enough to fit virtually anywhere! They weigh as little as 4.18 kg which means you can move them from one room to another without any trouble. The space-saving design often helps to accomplish this in such a way that once you put the printer in your workplace or home at any point, you won't even know it's there until you need to do some work!

A major factor when it comes to the printing industry is pace. And you can't wait for your printer to do the job for you while you are in the big leagues! You need to get the printer to work for you so company doesn't have to wait for a printer. You will never have to think about waiting for your printer, with print speeds of up to 15ppm.

The days when you needed an entire machine set up to get your printer to work are gone. The new HP laser series of printers are designed for your smartphones and tablets to be operated by the "HP smart app." You can search and copy files and images from your phone with the HP smart app, and directly print them. This will allow your productivity to increase 10 times because your computer's wires and cords will no longer have to be tied down, your laser printer will do all the work for you and print papers, presentations and other business materials directly from the smartphone or tablet easily.

Generally, colour lasers tend to get bogged down by high volume print tasks, but the HP Laserjets color printers deliver fast prints consistently, which makes it a good choice for offices too. Features like Instant-on Technology, HP Auto-On/Auto-Off Technology and low-cost cartridges make it an affordable yet feature-packed choice.

The HP LaserJet series of laser color printers come with low power consumption both during printing and at ready and sleep states. The printer consumes 295 watts while actively printing, 33 watts while in ready state and a mere 1.1 watts in the sleep state. The typical electricity consumption in these printers is 0.731-kilowatt-hours a week. These printers come with ENERGY STAR certification.

Minimum system requirements are as follows:
  • Windows 7 or newer.
  • Intel Pentium IV 1GHz 32/64bit processor
  • 1GB of RAM
  • 16 GB of HDD

Latest supported operating systems and print drivers for these printers are available at 'www.support.hp.com'. These printers are fully compatible with Mac computers also and hence they ensure all-round connectivity for all your creative and work-related needs.

The purchase of an HP laser printer includes a one-year on-site warranty. In terms of security features, these printers are password protected with the network embedded web server and can enable or disable network ports. These features Make sure that you have a long-lasting and secure experience with your HP laser printer.

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