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The HP DeskJet series of Inkjet printers is the long due homecoming to the print industry of ink-based printers. There was a time when one would have to spend thousands of rupees buying a printer. At a remarkably affordable price, these printers deliver the legendary HP quality that all of you have come to know and love. But you might wonder, does the price drop mean a compromise on quality? Not anyway! Ironically, from this incredibly tiny printer, you can rely on better and superior prints. Also on your mobile devices, the HP DeskJet series provides affordable printing options. These printers range from small, domestic to large industrial models to accommodate different printing needs and scenarios of use.

To operate the new DeskJet printers, a full desktop setup is no longer required. The new HP DeskJet series of printers are equipped for "HP smart app" control and deliver quick mobile printing from your smartphones and tablets. You can search and copy files and images from your phone with the HP smart app, and directly print them. This will allow your productivity to increase 10 folds as you will no longer need to be bound by your computer's wires and cords, your DeskJet printer will do all the work for you, and will be able to print papers, presentations and other business materials directly from your smartphone or tablet. These printers come integrated with wireless capabilities to make your work more available. With Apple AirPrint, Google Cloud Print, Mobile Apps, Mopria Certification and direct Wi-Fi printing, the printer is allowed. You can keep all computers linked to a single printer in your office and view and print all of your files wirelessly, and share all of your resources over a joint network. They come with Android, Windows 8, Windows 10, and Google Chrome support to access those quick printing options.

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For this series of printers, not having an internet connexion is not a problem. Without a network link anywhere in your workplace, you can print easily from a smartphone and tablet. Direct Wi-Fi printing allows you to connect your smartphone or tablet directly to your printer with or without internet access through a Wi-Fi network. Accordingly, allowing multi-user access and assistance to your printer without Internet hassle.

The new HP DeskJet series of printers run on high-quality and low-cost Original HP ink. These initial cartridges give almost twice the printing capacity of the standard market cartridges at a fraction of the price. They also have high reliability so that after installation, 64 percent of reused cartridges did not work, but the initial ink cartridges of HP worked every time. Compared with old ink printers, the modern printers produce more permanent prints. The prints created will withstand water droplets and smears so that you can comfortably share your professional documents and images. These documents and images can also endure the fading from exposure to light, so that you can receive the last Prince. Word records are usually kept in the folder rows of file cabinets that are not exposed to light. Standard documents may have faded here, but documents printed on plain paper with original HP ink and DeskJet printers from the HP series would, if possible, last in the office for more than 100 years.
These High Quality Printers. Along with the use of original HP cartridges, when you use the printers, you can encounter excellent print efficiency. With the optional HP high yield ink cartridges, you will be able to print black text and vivid colour images from the store while enjoying up to twice as many pages per cartridge. They will have a page speed of 7.5 ppm for black, and colour of 5.5 ppm

The smearing and fading of ink from a document given time and external variables was one major problem concerning the documents printed by old ink-based printers. The new series of HP DeskJet printers provide reliable results with no lack of the much valued consistency of HP, and they also avoid fading and smearing.

A major concern of the old age printers was they were too large to match any significant location. Well, with the HP Deskjet series of printers built to fit into any vacuum. With printers ranging from 16 "in length and 5.88 in height. It's lightweight and small enough to fit virtually anywhere! They weigh as little as 4.18 kg which means you can move them from one room to another without any trouble. The space-saving design often helps to do this in such a way that once you put the printer in your workplace or home at some point, you won't even know it's there until you have to do some work!

The printers come with an integrated LCD screen with easy-to-understand status icons and task execution buttons such as cancellation, wireless resume, information etc. to improve performance and workspace use scenarios. You can be sure that the amount of times you go looking for paper and waste valuable work time is reduced to a bare minimum with an improved 150 sheet paper input. The printer is able to manage the job quicker with the paper handling output of 100 sheets for the output container.

By using the HP DeskJet series of printers' latest internet-connected features, you can print your social media and camera roll directly from the software that you can create copies from virtually anywhere in any application and process the scanned documents on the go.

A 1-year onsite warranty comes with the latest HP Deskjet series printers. Thus in the event of any error or failure in the printer, an HP technician can enter your doorway and take care of the problem.

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