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How to Repair Error 0x00000709

The HP Printer is considered the world's top-class printing machine. It is popular only because the high-quality printing solution is provided in less time. But it's also the reality that when printing something, some error problems can occur. The most popular printing issue was defined by the error 0x00000709. This happens primarily if your Windows does not have the HP Printer set by default. Other potential explanations may be that the system was not properly connected to the network. A high number of users of Windows are going through this issue and are not sufficiently qualified to get rid of it. That's why the HP Printer Support team is always involved when printing to solve the problem users face. Don't feel blue, then! Here are some quick and simple steps you can find to solve it.
Fix Error 0x00000709 Unable to set HP Printer default on Windows
Here are some thorough fixing guides that will help you to resolve the issue of Error 0x00000709 Can not Set Default HP Printer. So, begin the below-written troubleshooting instructions without further delay:

Solution 1: Disable Windows Automatic Control of Your Printer

You can repair it effortlessly by removing your printer’s Automated Management. Here is the procedure for doing this:Go to the Window icon, scan, and open the Configuration portion. You will find the “Modules” icon in the settings, tap on it, and then tap on it.
Next, you will see the menu on the left-hand side, and click on “Printers & Scanners” from the provided menu list.
You will get the statement written as “Let Windows handle my default printer” under the Printer and Scanner portion, turn to the off condition and proceed ahead
Finally, close all the applications and files running on your Windows and restart the machine once to see the difference and search for Error 0x00000709 Unable to set the default HP Printer If the same issue is still encountered, proceed to the next method.

Solution 2: Change HP Printer Default for Windows Manually Adjust HP Printer Default for Windows

You can solve this error with 0x00000709 by manually adjusting the operation. Underneath guidance is noted:
Switch on your PC and go to the Control Panel.
Tap Hardware and Sound, then press the ‘Devices and Printers’ option under this section.
A list of printers will appear on the screen of your PC. Right-click the printer that you want to configure as the default printer. Select “Set as Default Printer” from the provided choice.
Finally, restart the operating system and verify whether or not such an error has been fixed. Switch to the next method of solution.

Solution 3: Patch the registry for Windows

The method for fixing the Windows registry as shown below:
In your Windows quest, quest for “regedit” first and then press the “Enter” key.
Then check for the registry key below-HKEY CURRENT USER Software Microsoft Windows NT Current Version Windows Current Version Windows.
The list of options will appear on the left side of the computer monitor after entering the above key. Therefore, right-click on Windows and hit the “Permissions” button.
From the User Name Group portion, choose “Administrator account” and select Complete Power.
Click Apply, then click OK
After that, on the right window screen , select the Windows registry key next, and you will find the System key, double-tab on it.
Enter the name of your printer in the Value field and then click OK.
Restart your Windows PC to see the changes by exiting all parts and closing all open documents on your device. If the same printer issue persists, delete the system key in the Registry Editor portion. And then, to get the problem solved, reset the machine otherwise proceed to the next solution.

Solution 4: Create a New User Account

When you generate a new user account, you can also get an efficient performance. Go through the comprehensive one-by-one details below:
First, turn on the PC, type and check for “netplwiz” and select “Yes” to create a new user account.
Next, to open a new user account, tap the “Add” button and then press “OK”
Next, on the How to Sign In tab , click “Sign In” without a Microsoft account.
After that, you can see two options for signing in, one from a Microsoft account and one from a local account.
You can see the fields where you need to fill in the necessary details after clicking on them. Set the name and password of the user and proceed to the next stage. Only bear in mind that nothing is added to bear the Password hint section empty.
The HP Printer Error 0x00000709 will be annihilated without any malfunction after following the above instructions. Your new account will be generated after carefully implementing all the steps, and you can do the accessing process successively.

Solution 5: apply the Run as Administrator form

Go to the Start button and select the ‘Devices & Printers’ option.
A list of the printers previously or currently linked to the computer can be found in the Printer section.
Go to HP Printer and right-click it and select the option “See what’s printing”
Then you’ll see the ‘Open As Administrator’ option, and then click on it.
Choose “Set As Default Printer” from the menu after that. Only keep in mind that when you have already opened as administrator, the option of opening as administrator will not appear on your computer.

Solution 6: Search for Device Files Damaged

Conduct a full machine scan of the operating system and quarantine your PC for damaged or infected documents or data. It could be helpful for you to search your PC and delete unnecessary files from the device in order to correct the 0x00000709 error code.

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