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How to Fix communication issue with HP Printer

In some unusual events, both struggle to interact with each other when you connect your printer to your Windows or Mac computer and what you are doing. Since there could be a problem with one of the linked ends that triggers the communication problem , it is important to know the correct explanation.

Not able to connect with the printer ?

This post, however, is unique to Macintosh computers, but you can also use some similar troubleshooting measures on your Windows. We will try to explain the cause of the issue first, and then we will address the troubleshooting measures. Here are the reasons why the printer can not communicate with your computer.

Why is my mac not connected to my HP wireless printer?

Well, there may be countless explanations for this, but I have listed the most likely ones below:

    • On / Off mode-you might have forgotten to turn your printing machine on. There are chances. If it is in ‘On’ mode, but still unable to connect with your Mac, then there may be another problem.
    • Cord problem-you might feel that the cords are properly linked, but why are you facing the issue? Nevertheless, there may be a problem with it as well and you might know about it. Thus, do the inspection required for the same.
    • Incompatible toners-If you mount your printer with incompatible ink cartridges, there is a risk that your printer may not offer the desired result.
    • The printer driver problem may be that the printer drivers you installed on your machine may not be compatible or have become obsolete.

Software Update-If your computer has undergone a recent update, it may have undergone changes in the configuration of the printer that lead to a communication problem.

Troubleshoot problems with printer on Mac

For controlling all your wireless devices, the hp link manager offers a central location. In addition , it enables wireless WAN broadband and WLAN wifi to be handled.

  • Click on your Apple computer menu to check whether your printer is listed or not.
  • Tap on the option for ‘System Preferences’ after that.
  • Click on Print & Fax/ Print & Scan/ Printers & Scanners right now.
  • In the list, check whether or not your printer ‘s name is listed there.

If you see that it lists your printer:

You need to delete your printer, then install it again. To this end:

  • From the list, click on the name of your printer.
  • Then, to uninstall your printer, press-) (on it.
  • Click on the (+) symbol when it’s removed to add it again.
  • Select ‘Add Printer or Scanner’ then.
  • Also, select your printer and then proceed to the next stage.

If your printer is not included in the list:

If such a situation occurs , it is important for you to ensure that your printer is connected through a USB cable to your computer. You will need to make sure that the same wireless network is linked to both devices. Try adding your printer to the list of printers and try again later. Make sure that you pick your printer from the ‘Using’ menu. If not, then to add it again, click ‘Add’.

Another way of addressing the problem

You may need to reinstall the printer drivers if your computer is still unable to communicate with the printer.

To reinstall the drivers for printers:

The new version of the HP connection software is largely upgraded with Windows 10, and uninstalling and then reinstalling the modified software will help repair the fatal hp connection manager error. The measures you need to take are here:

    • Go to the HP Printer’s official website.
    • Choose your printer and its model number, then.
    • You need to click on the ‘Setup’ button after that.
    • The compatible printer drivers are then downloaded to your computer.
    • Once the installation finishes, make sure to restart your computer.

If you are still having problems with printer contact, then you must seek urgent help from the executives of hp printer support.

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