How to create a link between USB and wireless technology between HP printers and MAC computers

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How to create a link between USB and wireless technology between HP printers and MAC computers

We need to install printer drivers on a Mac to connect the HP printer to Mac computers and laptops via USB and wireless technology. If the Mac device (computer/laptop) does not have the appropriate drivers, then it is important to open a web browser before attaching the printer, navigate to the website of the manufacturer, find the drivers for your printer, download them and install them.
To retrieve the printer information, the Hp will have the documents related to the directions and steps that should be followed. However, HP technical support, HP printer support or the HP help desk may still be contacted for assistance.

  • Establish a connection via USB between the Mac device and the Hp printer.
    To create a USB connection to a Mac machine, set up your HP printer. Installl the full-feature HP driver to get the most supported attributes from a linked printer.

    1. A complete feature driver or the HP Quick Start guided installlation app is available for downloading or installling the driver via Apple Software Update, depending on your printer and operating system version.
  • Go to the official website, enter the model of your printer, and then click Start. Depending on the version of your printer and operating system, you can download the HP Easy Start Guided Driver Installl app or you may be redirected to the HP Drivers & Software Downloads page to activate the full feature driver.
    • If you download HP Quick Start, follow the on-screen instructions to set up and configure your printer. In this section, you do not need to complete the remaining steps if the installlation is successful.
    • Continue with these second steps to install a driver from the HP website if Easy Start fails or your printer is not specified.
  • Go to HP Customer Support Software and Driver Downloads, enter, if asked, your printer model, and then check that the version of the operating system is correct.
  • Under Driver-Product Installlation Program, click Download next to HP Easy Start or Full Feature Driver, depending on the option shown, and then open the HP Easy Start or HP .dmg file in the Downloads folder or browser bar to start the installlation process.
  • If a printer link form is prompted, pick USB.
  • Make sure that HP Scan or HP Easy Scan is selected on the Installl Screen, if your printer has a scanner to allow full scan functionality.
  • If you are prompted to add a printer to your printer queue, select your printer name, click the Use or Print menu, pick your printer name from the pop-up menu and then click the Add button.
  • To complete the installlation, return to the HP Printer installler.
  • Depending on your printer’s features, attempt to print, scan, or fax.

Using Apple Software Update, activate the best available HP print driver and software on your Mac. Turn the printer on and make sure it is connected to the device you intend to print or scan from via your local Wi-Fi or wired network prior to downloading the programme.

    1. To connect your printer to the network, power your wireless printer and complete the initial setup instructions. Wireless printers have screens that let you pick a wireless network and if necessary, enter a network password.
    2. Tap the Apple menu, and then pick “Software Update…” to make sure there are no newer versions of your software and printer drivers.
      In the Print dialogue box, you need to make your printer available before you can print. To accomplish that, please follow the below steps:

      1. Tap the Apple menu, then “Preferences for Device.”
      2. From the Hardware section, press ‘Print & Scan.’
      3. “Click the button for “+. If your printer is not included in the Nearby Printers list, pick your printer from the Nearby Printers list or press ‘Add Printer or Scanner’ from the options list.
      4. Click the “Default” tab and if available, pick your printer. If your printer is not available, click the “IP” tab and enter the printer’s IP address. You will need to get this information from the administrator of your system. Leave the other options to the default setup. Tap on “Add.”
      5. Add an HP printer to your computer device, and once configured, it should appear in the list of printers. HP Printer Print automatically checks a page to ensure that the printer works correctly.
        HP Printer Support from highly qualified technicians and best troubleshooting solutions on any HP Printer system for various types of problems such as software problems or connection problems.
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