How to Connect HP Printer to Computer Wireless

As we advance into the age of innovative technology, connecting your machine to a printer has become simpler than ever, but it seems as if the number, colors, sizes, and sophistication of all the wiring can get lost in translation. It takes a lot more than just plugging in and out to achieve the right results, even though you think you have the hang of connecting point A to point B.

Printing comes in two ways in our modern age – wired and wireless. We’ll walk you through How to Connect HP Printer to Computer Wireless.

Let’s get started with the First and foremost, make sure you have properly removed the printer for swift and organized assembly from its box with all included parts. The easiest part is easy to hurry through, distracted by enthusiasm and haste, and the most basic steps are even easier to miss.

When you have all the puzzle pieces set out and ready for configuration, insert the power cable’s double-pronged end into a conveniently placed socket to know How to Connect HP Printer to Computer Wireless. In order to wake up the computer, your printer will automatically turn on or you may need to push a power button. And that’s where we come in.

How a printer can be linked via a wired USB cable

A USB cable that links straight into the tower of your computer or the body of your laptop should be among your puzzle pieces. Your computer should warn you that a new connection is being made and that a driver may need to be downloaded for it to complete the installation, depending on your computer’s operating system.

Follow the intuitive lead of your machine and press the notification if you get this notification. For you, it will do all the heavy lifting. Follow these steps if your machine has left you to do all the finding out by yourself. You will get to know How to Connect HP Printer to Computer Wireless.

Phase 1: Open Settings for Windows

Tap the Windows icon at the bottom left of your screen to show your Start menu.

You should see a gear icon linking to your settings window at the bottom of the left-most column.

Phase 2: Access Appliances

• Find and click the “Devices” icon in the first row of your Windows Settings.

• Pick ‘Printers & Scanners’ in the left column of the Devices window

• This new window opens a page where “Add Printer or Scanner” will be the first option.

Step 3: Get your printer attached

Windows should be able to detect your connected printer via USB cable after you have clicked on “Add Printer or Scanner,”

When your printer’s name appears, click it and complete the installation as directed by your machine.

It’s that! You can link and run your printer, ready to pump out beautiful pages and know How to Connect HP Printer to Computer Wireless.

How a printer can be linked through a wireless network

The link process can seem more challenging if you want to connect a wireless printer, but you’ll be surprised to find how smooth the move from wired to wireless can be.

Phase 1: Find your configuration

You will need to attach the printer to your home WiFi until powered on and ready for setup.

Although the installation steps differ by manufacturer, most modern printers will have an LCD screen that lists the WiFi networks available.

Click and find the setup page on this screen that allows you to change the Wireless LAN Settings.

Phase 2: Link your WiFi network to the

You’ll need to find your home network service set identifier after accessing your LAN settings – better known as your SSID.

By hovering your mouse over the WiFi icon on the bottom right of your taskbar, you will locate your SSID.

Your SSID is also on the bottom or side of the router of your internet service provider.

Phase 3: Connectivity Complete

You’re ready to enter your network password with the SSID picked.

Your printer is prepped for all printing and How to Connect HP Printer to Computer Wireless.

Phase 4: Find your settings for your printer

• To display your Windows Start Menu, click the Windows icon at the bottom left of your desktop screen

Find the path to the gear icon in your settings window and click on the “Devices” icon.

Step 5: Attach the machine to the printer

• You should find a choice to “Add a Printer or Scanner” inside your “Devices” screen.

• The name of your printer – usually with the name of the manufacturer and model number – should appear as available after clicking this button.

Click ‘Add Unit’ and your computer will do the rest to complete the wireless setup.

• Print out!

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