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DESKJET 1510 All in one printer

A commonly used printer for various tasks is a head-turner. This printer comes with multi-functionality options and requires minimum maintenance. A low-cost printer is a high demand in the market. This printer has big fame in the market but has a few cons which led to this printer’s use limited to the household.
It does not support high-speed printing and is therefore a complete NO for office use. People who have few print needs [3 or 4] in a day have found this as a successful printer. It has amazing scanning options making it easy to easy any kind of cards.
When it comes to price, this printer is a burn on other categories. This printer requires a Black Ink HP 802S cartridge (100-120 pages), HP 802S Tri-color ink cartridge (300-360 pages) and the cartridge has to be an original. Counterfeit cartridges will lead to the failure of the printing system.

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